About Us

Our Vision & Mission

I Learn I Play aspires to be a world leader and game changer in the field of early childhood education.

Our aim is to create an institution of learning, where children can grow and imbibe in a dynamic and challenging environment, fostering in them strong skills and a passion for continuous learning.

To delight young minds and foster theirholistic development by nurturing their innate potential and empowering them to emerge as endearing, committed and confident personalities.

To emerge evolve and excel by establishing developmentally appropriate enviroment imparting child centric programmes involving parents & society at large as partners. We believe that learning is a continuous and lifelong process and every child does it at his or her own pace. The child’s ability to learn and grow is unique and special. We ensure that we provide each and every child proper guidance to grow in their own way, in a mutually accepting and nurturing environment.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.

Every child with us is imbibed with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. We believe in making Teaching and Learning a harmonious process. The stimulating combination of academic, artistic and practical activities that we offer, surrounded by a caring environment, ensures that children learn without actually being aware of the teaching process. At I Learn I Play, we share the responsibility with parents, in equipping our wards, with a genuine love of learning!

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